Community Groups at RCF

Where do I fit? Who really knows me? Why am I even part of this church?

Our Small Groups (gatherings of 6-15 adults) at RCF are designed to answer just those questions. Because we believe that the Living God most often becomes beautiful and believable to his world through his people, we have designed Small Groups to be focused on relationships and the Bible—his primary means of meeting and changing individuals. As people open together the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments God does works among them of forming, caring, and reaching.


Sunday Evening Groups

College Gathering

Time: Sunday Nights 6:00pm – 8:00pm.

Location: Conrad home in West Brow

Contact: John Conrad, 423-605-3444,


Flintstone Group

Time: Sunday nights 5:30.

Location: Andy Jones home in Flintstone

Contact: Andy Jones, 919-601-1439,


Soul Food

Time: Sunday nights 5:30.

Location: Various homes on Lookout Mountain

Contact: Harry Abell, 423-618-8973,

Craig Hollowell,


St. Elmo Group

Time: Sunday night 4:30-7.

Location: Various homes in St. Elmo

Contact: John-Michael Forman, 423-544-1364,

Includes potluck dinner and childcare.


Boozer Group

Time: Sunday nights 7:00.

Location: Various homes in Fairyland

Contact: Dave Boozer, 423-598-2144, 

Wednesday Evening Groups

Fairyland Group

Time: Wednesday nights 6:00.

Location: various homes in Fairyland

Contact: Kendra Tingle, 423-902-7841,


Lookout City Group

Time: Wednesday 6:00-7:30.

Location: Various homes Fairyland/Lookout Mtn

Contact: Pastor Corby, 423-838-4558,


Youngblood Group

Time: Wednesday nights 6:00.

Location: RCF Lula Lake

Contact: Pastor Eric, 423-304-0096,