3 Happy Considerations on the Eve of Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas RCF!

I wanted to touch base briefly this Eve of Christmas Eve to call your attention to 3 things:

First, a reminder that we will have our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service on Saturday, December 24 at 5:00 pm at Durham Road. We hope you will join us for this beautiful and reflective service where we will sing together, give ear to the Scriptures as they recount our Lord’s first coming, and as I read my new story as I do each year (which I am hoping to finish today!)

On Christmas Morning, December 25, we will have celebratory Lord’s Day worship at Lula Lake at 9:00 am AND at Durham at 10:30 am.

Second, as you may have seen in the RCF Announce on Wednesday, we’ve been asked to remind you that any year-end giving must be received at the church office by December 31, 2016in order to be counted as part of this calendar year’s charitable contributions. As you know, January 1 will fall on Sunday this year, so any gifts you cheerfully give on New Year’s day during worship will be counted as part of your 2017 giving.

As the Announce pointed out, there are 5 different ways that you can give financially to Rock Creek. Check out our website for more info, plus a link to donate electronically through Paypal! 

Yes, I know, we’re hip.

And thirdly, a theological reality meant to alter all other reality, seen and unseen: “God becoming what we are so we could become what He is” in the incarnation.

Here is a brief excerpt from the Gospels which I have put in my own words for us to consider Mary’s humble response to the wowing news delivered by an angel of all creatures:

“You, Mary,” insisted the over-worked angel, “have been noticed and selected by God to carry salvation in your womb. The fruit of which, in a mere nine months, will be ripe for the healing of the world.”

“God is drawing near.

Reversals are imminent.

Sin-sickness, soon to be cured.

And you are carrying the Cure.”

Mary’s girlish exuberance at her holy luck was pressed into hymnic form with the kind of maturity that only emerges in a life that has been a humble cup of plain hot water in which the tasty but potent tea-bag of the Scriptures has been steeping.

Soaked and steeped in Christmas wonders, Mary belts out the beauty of God’s: 

“God thinks about little ones

and acts for the helpless.

He pays attention to all that’s sad, 

to all that should never be.


He acts where we can’t, when we can’t, where we won’t!

I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it, 

look at all He does for me, 

not just me, but for we!


Ne’er has he fudged on an oath

and no pledge has been given

with fingers crossed b’hind his back!


When you act like God, 

too-big-for-your britches, 

he fixes that;

When you let him be God, 

you never stop being surprised.


I can’t get over it. God is coming, 

just like he said. 


And for some happy reason, 

he can’t get over his people, 


he just keeps helping, and healing, 

defending, and gladdening!” 


(my stylized rendition of Luke 1:46-55)


May we not be able to get over it either!


Thankful for the privilege to pastor among you all,


Pastor Eric

Clara Connis