Acts of Mercy


The Gospel portrays the God of all mercy taking on human flesh to meet the deepest needs of humanity. We will always strive to be a picture of his mercy as we seek, like our Lord, to meet the needs of our neighbors as well as those of our own fellowship, whether they be physical, spiritual, emotional or financial. We further aspire to enflesh the Gospel we believe by our care for widows, orphans, the disadvantaged, the sick, the lonely, the downcast, and any who are in need.

Diaconal & Mercy Ministry

The deacons have the responsibility of stewarding a budget that has been entrusted to them for the care of the poor, the distressed, and the hurting in our congregation and in the community.

The Diaconate at Rock Creek has been able in the past and hopes to continue to assist folks in various types of financial distress including, but not limited to: utilities, rent, food, medical care/prescriptions, widow relief, fuel, car repair, appliance repair, family emergencies, counseling, adoption assistance and the like.