Evangelism & Missions


The story of the Bible is one which presents a God who pursues those who don’t know Him with diligence and intentionality. As a body of those who have been happily captured by Christ, we will always strive to imitate His diligence and intentionality in pursuing those who don’t know Him in our community, in our workplaces, and throughout the world, with the extravagant, heart-melting love, grace, and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. We will be active in sending out workers who can carry the words and works of God’s good news to the uttermost parts of the earth both in long-term and short-term capacities.


Rock Creek Missionaries



Rebekah Saylor, Tanzania

Jeremiah Swaray, Sierra Leone


Daniel & April, Southeast Asia

Jamie & Bethany, East Asia

Neal & Debbie*, Central Asia, church planting

Sasha & Lena*, Central Asia Seminary

*Due to service in sensitive regions, full names and locations cannot be listed.



Michael & Carli Snyder, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Robbie & Lydia Sweet, Saint Andrews, Scotland

Ross & Aislinn Meyer, London  


Food for the Hungry, Peru  


Third Millennium Ministries, Orlando, Florida, World Seminary Curriculum

Ted Strawbridge, Tennessee Valley Presbytery

Dave Worland, Leadership Ministries Worldwide

Chalmers Center for Economic Development


Allebach Church Plant, Worcester, MA

Bridge Community Church, Easton, PA

Logan Keck, Boston, MA

Ministry Organizations

Covenant College (our denomination’s college)

Covenant Theological Seminary (our denomination’s seminary training future pastors and ministry workers)

Mission to the World  (ourdenomination’s mission’s agency sending missionaries around the world)

Mission to North America (our denomination’s agency which facilitates church planting and disaster relief)

PCA Administration Committee (our denomination’s agency which oversees myriad administrative details for all the PCA’s churches)

TN Valley Presbytery (which in turns supports missions, church plants, and the work of the PCA in this region)

RUF Ministries (Covenant, UTC, UTK, UTKi)

Lookout For Orphans (Organization which provides matching grants for families seeking to adopt)

YoungLife Northwest Georgia (Marcus Hulsey is the Director of this organization that brings the gospel to teenagers